How to set a wallpaper on PS4

This is simple guide on how you can use a custom wallpaper on your ps4 console.
Via PS4 Browser
  • Visit in the PS4 browser. Browse in fullscreen mode (Square button on dualshock)
  • Find the wallpaper you want and click the download button
  • Take screenshot with Share button. (Remember to hide mouse pointer)
  • Open “Capture Gallery” app, go into “Other” folder then press options button on your desired wallpaper and “Set as background”
Via USB Drive
  • Create a top-level directory on your USB drive called “Images”
    • Visit on your PC/MAC and find the wallpaper you want to use, save it to the “Images” directory on your USB drive.
      • On your PS4 go to “Settings” > “Themes” > “Custom”, choose “Select File” and “USB Storage Device”
        • Select the wallpaper you want to use.
        That’s all!

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