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We’d love it if you’d like to upload your wallpaper here at PS4Wallpapers.com! Some of the best reasons why you should upload your wallpaper here is:

  • No image compression! This ensures the wallpaper is the highest possible quality.
  • Easy to use website on your PS4.
  • Fast approvals! When you’ve had 3 approved wallpaper uploads your account with us will be marked as trusted and future uploads will be automatically approved.
Upload rules
  • Wallpaper must be 3840×2160 or 1920×1080 pixels
  • Max wallpaper size is 10MB
  • All adult/NSFW wallpapers must be added to the “Adult/NSFW” category. Nudity allowed – not hardcore imagery.

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Resolution of you wallpaper? Choose 4K if 3840x2160 pixels or Full HD if it's 1920x1080 pixels