With the launch of Firmware 4.5 the PS4 received the ability to use your own wallpaper. We aim to be the #1 site for you to find or upload your own favourite ps4 wallpapers.


Use a custom wallpaper on your PS4:
1. Visit ps4wallpapers.com in the PS4 browser. Browse in fullscreen mode (Square button on dualshock)
2. Find the wallpaper you want and click the download button.
3. Take screenshot with Share button. (Remember to hide mouse pointer)

4. Open “Capture Gallery”, go into “Other” folder then press options button on your desired wallpaper and “Set as background”.


1. Press the Share button
2. Enter the Share Settings menu
3. Enter the Screenshot Settings menu
4. Change the image format to PNG instead of JPG.

PS4 Pro users can change your screenshot max resolution to 4K even if you’re playing on 1080p mode.

Latest PS4 Wallpapers